duminică, 21 aprilie 2013

The new star everybody: WHITE!

White is a noncolor that we all love. It represents purity and , for me, white leads me to imagine ...my wedding!!!!

But this is not about wedding dresses , We can all wear white this season because is the major trend.
How about a brand new white casual dress? Or a combination that I love black skirt with white t-shirt or shirt will look great!

   Amazing outfit! from http://www.fashionising.com

duminică, 14 aprilie 2013

The new Smoking Slippers

Inspired by clasic menswear , the new chic slippers have invaded all the mass stores. They are comfortable and chic. These slippers can make any ordinary outfit become very stylish.
We can find them in any colours and with those fashionable royal details.

From the most amazing site http://www.fashionising.com I found the models :

All the designers have created amazing models of slippers according to their vision:


Alexander McQueen
Charlotte Olympia

This is one of my favorite because of the royal purple and the kitty face:)

                                                               Christian Louboutin
                                                               Jimmy Choo

                                                                   STUBBS &AMP

luni, 8 aprilie 2013

I'm like a bird!

I love birds , their songs , the fact that they are so free and I am a bit jealous of them because of their style. All the birds are so stylish with those feathers and that grace. They are so delicate and strong at the same time.
I love them but is not all about them:))))))

I am like a bird and that is a good thing .Is it? =)))))))))))))

                                           I have wingssss!!!!!!!!!


                                                          Lady Gaga style :D

                                                      I forgot the silk gloves :)))